We know that a warm home and hot water are some of the things you rely on everyday. At Corstorphine Gas Services we offer a range of gas cover options to suit your needs, and give you peace of mind.

We recommend that you carry out an annual service. It is always best to have regular maintenance to ensure correct, safe and efficient operation and of course to minimise the risk of a complete boiler failure and the subsequent replacement costs.

We can offer extended warranties on to you, from 5 years to 10 years depending on which boiler you choose.

Bronze Cover Silver Cover Gold Cover Platinum Cover CGS Install
£8.99 /month
£16.99 /month
£19.99 /month
£24.99 /month
£19.99 /month
Annual boiler service & reminder
Annual boiler service & reminder
  Gas Safe registered engineers
Gas Safe registered engineers
  Unlimited call out
Unlimited call out
  Labour costs
Labour costs (£84 excess charge)
  Parts & labour cover
Parts & labour cover
  Controls, Radiator & Valves cover
Controls, Radiator & Valves cover
  Boiler replacement
Boiler replacement
  CGS Install


What am I entitled to?

We have many different ranges of cover from Bronze basic service to Landlords cover. If you require anything else do contact us and we can tailor make you a package.

When will you carry out my annual service?

At a convenient time for yourself, and every 12 months from then.

My boiler is broken what do I do?

Call us immediately on 07436919048 and we shall arrange an engineer to visit.

What if my boiler cant be fixed?

Dependent, you'll receive a replacement boiler up to £750 (if under 10 years old). The plan will not cover the cost of installing the replacement boiler. Please refer to our Terms & Conditions for full details.

How do I pay?

Your payments will be collected through direct debits.

If I move house can I take my Boiler Care product to my new home?

You can't take your current Boiler Cover product with you. However if you call us we can easily arrange to set up a new plan for one of our boiler care products at your new home.

How long does my Cover last?

Your cover will last 12 months and will automatically renew each year ensuring there's not a break in your care. We'll contact you before each renewal.

What boilers are eligible?

Your boiler must be:

  • owned by you and used for personal and non-business purposes only (for the avoidance of doubt products located in leased-out domestic homes are eligible);
  • in good working order and under 15 years old when you take out the plan; and located in the United Kingdom

Your boiler cannot be:

  • a warm air unit; electric, LPG or oil boiler or combined heat power unit;
  • a commercial or industrial grade boiler/controls, such as one with more than 200,000 BTU/HR 58.6K input; or
  • located on a boat or in a mobile home.